Who is Trustees of Catholic Aged Care, Sydney? 

The Trustees of Catholic Aged Care, Sydney is the registered operator of nine Parish retirement villages and is the Commonwelath approved provider of five Parish residential aged care facilities (the Facilities) who deliver Catholic senior living services to seniors within the Sydney region.

Established in 2007, the Trustees of Catholic Aged Care, Sydney  was formed under the Roman Catholic Church Communities' Lands Act 1948 as the corporate vehicle to deliver senior living services in line with government legislation, particularly with the residential aged care segment. As the Commonwealth Government approver provider for residential aged care facilities and the registered operator for the retirement villages, The Trustees of Catholic Aged Care, Sydney is responsible for ensuring services delivered under each program comply with relevant legislation including the Aged Care Act 1997and the Retirement Villages Act 1999.


Setting a platform for Working Together

A key objective of the Trustees of Catholic Aged Care, Sydney over the next 4 years is to establish a platform for collaboration between the Facilities, where they can better share ideas and benefit from each other’s expertise and experiences. This platform is represented within the Trustees of Catholic Aged Care, Sydney's new 4 year Strategic Plan that was developed in July 2010 in consultation with the Facilities, the Aged Care Advisory Committee of the Trustees of Catholic Aged Care, Sydney and the Trustees of Catholic Aged Care, Sydney.
The Plan lays down a blue print for collaboration under the Trustees of Catholic Aged Care, Sydney's mission and values. The Facilities have, for a long time, been well regarded by the Catholic and broader community as an outstanding representation of excellence in the services they provide, and The Plan emphasises this through their ongoing commitment to expand on this excellence by continuing to work together.

Planning for the future

Catholic people who reside within the Facilities will benefit from the pastoral connection with other Catholics living within the Facilities as well as with the local church community for the duration of life. What we see at work in the Facilities is a living extension of Christ’s healing ministry that continues into retirement; we see relationships transformed into caring communities through a celebration of life that comes from faith in Jesus Christ, and this, for the whole of our living. This is what sets apart the Facilities from other providers.

The Trustees of Catholic Aged Care, Sydney acknowledges the very important part such services play in ministry to seniors living in their communities today and into the future, particularly as the need for senior living solutions within our community increases; The projected population growth of people aged eighty-five years or older will almost quadruple over the next forty years, making this a key consideration within many Parishes. It is certainly becoming a focal point of ministry today and a good reason to work better together within a shared vision and direction.

Parish Senior Living Facilities - Celebrating Catholic Living

The last 12 months has certainly been a year of growth for some of the Facilities on many fronts.
The opening of the new St Mary’s Villa in Concord was an exciting time for all involved, most importantly residents who have certainly benefited from their upgraded accommodation. We have seen many of the Facilities upgrade their buildings, extend, or replace existing buildings and infrastructure to provide more modern day living and service provision.

With better knowledge concerning what we desire in accommodation solutions today and into the future, we now know that building design and function is a very important factor in providing quality of life for the most valued members of our family and communities.
Complemented with the necessities for today’s modern living, seniors accommodation no longer provides just a place to live, but a crucible for continued growth, community interaction and active participation in the works of the Catholic community as older people are better supported to continue active fruitful lives.
With open space and improved personal privacy afforded by the brilliant room designs and state-of the-art facilities, residents are experiencing an improved quality of life as a result.

What we know about improving quality of life outcomes today for older people leads us to a focus on beatifying the home as-well as providing expert care and the right resources. What we are seeing with newly designed facilities or facilities that have been upgraded are some very important benefits to older people. Most profound is an increase in the presence of ‘whole family’ within the facility;  Due to the better functionality and improved decor, families are more confident to bring younger children to the facilities to visit their loved ones and are more likely to spend more time visiting as a family.  The living experience is becomes twofold, enhancing the broader family connection generally, and at the same time providing important stimulus to older people that aids reminiscence and reminds them of their own youth.

As Parish services improve the décor and create the visual satisfaction that is important to the development of cognitive acuity and connectivity, we start to understand better the reasons behind this work. As Catholic providers of care to older people, the Catholic providers we have always cared and pursued excellence in all that we do, especially when it comes to caring for those we love. Certainly something to celebrate.