Our Vision Mission and Values

Our Vision
Serving and caring for older people in our community by following the example of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission
We serve by enriching the lives of older people and providing a secure and inclusive community in the Catholic tradition.


Our Values
Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we uphold the values and teachings of the Catholic Church:

Responsible for the people and resources entrusted to our care, we strive to make decisions that preserve and enhance the benefit for present and future generations.

Parish Ministry
Supporting the Parish community by working co-operatively to nurture faith and provide service that is embedded in Catholic principles.

Upholding ethical standards and striving for excellence in all that we do as a Catholic Community.

Under these values our commitment is demonstrated by service that is:

Supportive of a safe and secure environment

Person-centred, holistic and consultative

Informed and responsive to our community’s changing needs

Respectful, dignified, and compassionate

Inclusive of all who are in need within a Catholic environment

Transforming relationships into caring communities